Interior Design

We infuse a touch of client’s personality into a space! While interior design is about making a space feel like a cohesive whole, with the exterior as well as functionality of the building, it is also about invoking a feeling. Buildovo aims to create wellness spaces that allow the occupant to ‘feel good’. This could be through indirect lighting, the interplay of hard and soft materials (juxtaposing marble slabs and plantation) or through a hand-crafted wrought iron sculpture.
Our team of interior-designer will take on projects large and small. Remodeling, residential interior design services and renovations are a specially. Our follow-through and love of the design process creates beautifully livable homes that are timeless and reflect each clients personality and individual taste. The designs are honest because our interior designers give the client an end-product that is well-thought-out and suited to their usage, specific requirements and taste. Always.

Your Home should tell the story of who you are, and be a Collection of what you Love.